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Dear Valued Customers,

From day one, ensuring quality and meeting customer needs has been Abba Patio's top priority. We understand that you may have faced some challenges in using our products or services in the past, and for that, we sincerely apologize. After carefully considering all customer feedback, we have invested significant time in major brand improvements. Here, we sincerely introduce to you the efforts we have made and the solutions for the future.

What Happened and What Are We doing to Solve It?

Unavailable Replacement Parts


Recently, we received feedback from many early purchasers of our patio umbrellas seeking replacement canopies, while the store currently does not have replacement parts available for purchase. Due to the discontinuation of early products and the cessation of production of similar components by our raw material suppliers, there are no replacement parts available for sale. However, this is not an excuse for us to be irresponsible to our past customers. Our solutions are as follows:

1. Abba Patio offers a one-time free replacement of an umbrella of equal value for all website orders placed between January 1, 2022, and April 1, 2023, (outside of the warranty period). All you need to do is contact our customer service with your order ID and umbrella pictures, and after our review, we will send you the agreed-upon product. Every eligable customer is entitled to one free replacement opportunity.
2. For all website orders placed before January 1, 2022, after verifying your order information, we will provide you with a 50% discount code so you can purchase any product you desire at half price.
3. For all non-website orders, please contact the respective shopping platform for advice.

Delayed Responses and Intermittent Unreachable Phone Calls


Due to the reorganization of our customer service department, short-term service interruptions have led to delays in response times and a backlog of responses. Currently, compared to the past year, there has been a 200% increase in new emails, a 300% increase in customer calls, and a large influx of requests from other channels such as social media. Therefore, despite our active efforts to respond, many customers still report not receiving a response.


We kindly ask for your patience during this time, as we ensure that all your questions and concerns will be addressed. Customers sending multiple emails may cause a higher workload for our team. This means we must consolidate queries while taking the time to understand the context of new emails about the original message. This may also result in your standing ticket being pushed to the end of the queue. Therefore, we urge you to be patient and trust that your original message will eventually be answered. We ensure a response to everyone.

Please ensure that your messages are sent to our new customer service email address,, and our call line has been updated to 888-899-5617.

Access To Outdoor Living with Abba Patio

At Abba Patio, our mission is to make outdoor living accessible to everyone. We believe everyone should enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and have access to high-quality shade solutions and outdoor furniture that enhance comfort and relaxation. Through our spring update, we reaffirm our commitment to this mission and strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Thank you for being part of the Abba Patio family. We are excited to embark on this journey of renewal with you and look forward to creating many memorable outdoor moments together.


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