In the realm of outdoor decor, few elements effortlessly blend style and functionality like
the timeless market umbrella. Whether adorning a quaint patio, a spacious deck, or a cozy garden,
these iconic umbrellas offer more than just shade; they elevate the entire outdoor experience.

Simple, Ease, Comfortable

Elevate your outdoor experience with a market umbrella designed for durability and style.

  • Easily collapsible for storage
  • Durable pole for ease of use of the included cover
  • Reduces UV exposure by up to 99.5%
  • Tilt function for optimal positioning
  • Fade-resistant and waterproof material to increase durability and longevity

Abba Patio’s attention to detail

Market Umbrellas You Should Know

What is a market umbrella?

Market umbrellas are upright umbrellas with a straight pole at their center. They can be used with a dining table or as a standalone shade solution. Some market umbrellas come with a tilting mechanism at the top, like Abba Patio Lyon collection, but their usual shape is straight and symmetrical.

How does a market umbrella work?

A market umbrella is a portable shade and shelter designed for outdoor areas. The fabric canopy, stretched over spoked ribs, diffuses sunlight and protects from UV radiation. The pole and stand allow the umbrella to stand freely or be mounted into a fixed base as needed.

Why buy a market umbrella?

Market umbrellas are a popular choice for outdoor shading due to their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They protect from the sun and light rain, come in various sizes and colors and can enhance outdoor spaces by adding comfort and style.

What is the difference between garden and market umbrellas?

Garden umbrellas are smaller, more decorative, and designed for residential use, while market umbrellas are larger, more durable, and practical for commercial settings. Garden umbrellas focus on aesthetics and smaller spaces, while market umbrellas prioritize functionality and shade for larger areas or events.

How to secure a market umbrella in windy conditions?

1. Use a sturdy base or stand.
2. Fill the base with weight for added stability.
3. Consider using additional weights or anchors.
4. Close the umbrella when not in use.
5. Monitor weather conditions and avoid using the umbrella in strong winds.

How do I choose the right umbrella stand or base?

The choice of umbrella stand or base depends on the size and type of your patio umbrella. For smaller umbrellas, a lighter base may suffice, while larger umbrellas require heavier bases to provide adequate stability, especially in windy conditions. Ensure that the base or stand you choose is compatible with the size and style of your umbrella.

How do I store my patio umbrella during the off-season or inclement weather?

To prolong the life of your patio umbrella, it's important to store it properly during the off-season or when not in use for an extended period. Close the umbrella and secure any straps or ties to keep it compact, then store it in a dry and sheltered location such as a garage or shed to protect it from harsh weather conditions and UV exposure. If possible, cover the umbrella with a protective cover to further shield it from dust and debris.

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