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All the Different Types of Patios You Can Have

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One of the best things about patio’s is even in similar areas they can be so different from one another. It’s a little crazy to look at the basics and see how differently they can all look. Patios usually consist of some seats, a table and an umbrella. Doesn’t sound like you can really create your own special unique space with that right? Well that's where you are wrong. Every patio can be very different with simple things like, color, texture and style. Start with what color you want your patio to be, do you want it to be bright, light, or dark? Once you know that next thing to figure out is the texture you want, smooth, old, soft? And finally then the style really comes in. Do you like the rustic look? How about modern?

Getting that done will really make your patio feel at home. You can also then decorate with plants or other items to really make your patio feel like yours. Some people keep it minimalistic while others will fill it up to the brim with items. Do remember that it is outside so whatever you put out does have to last and be durable. Other than that it’s free range on however you want it to look. Usually it's a great idea to add some shade to your patio. Umbrellas or even canopies are a great way to stylishly get some shade for your patio and like everything else you can really dress it up to match the look you are going for. Abba Patio’s umbrellas come in multiple colors, styles and sizes and our canopies come in multiple styles that will fit any style you need. So what are you waiting for? Get out there are make your patio dreams a reality!

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