Designing Your Outdoor Getaway

When planning out your new patio there are several factors that you need to keep in mind in order to properly create the perfect getaway, so let’s get to planning.

Before you dig in, consider some of the following:

1.  Size

What sort of space are you working with? If you are working with a smaller space you will want to watch how much you put on your patio. The size of your patio will determine what sort of chairs /furniture and umbrella will look good with the space you have. If you have a larger space a larger square umbrella with a rectangular patio table and chairs would make the most of your space. You can always add a side area of some more lounge chairs.

While if you have a smaller area, it might be best to stick with a smaller table and a round umbrella and a patio swing to relax on in order to not overcrowd your space.

2. Creating Zones:

In order to create a multi layered look to your backyard patio you need to create different zones. To do this you could simply place an outdoor rug underneath a set of patio furniture or area that you would like to separate from another set. For example, you may place an outdoor rug underneath your lounging or kids area. This will break up the patio making the area more eye pleasing.

Another way to create zones is through stepping paths and vibrant plants. Again, this will help break up your patio and create more of an outdoor getaway as opposed to singular area.


Remember this is your dream backyard, pick out the furniture that will best reflect your personality. Create a mood board that reflects the colors you want, the style of furniture, your surrounding plants and backyard as a whole.  Check out the different materials of patio furniture there are many types such as: wicker, all weather wicker, aluminium and plastic. Each one bringing a different feel and look to a backyard. Also keep in mind different materials require different upkeep in order to keep them looking fresh.


Plan out your budget before you start to just go all in. You will want to coordinate your plants, decorations and patio.You can find affordable umbrellas, patio furniture on Abba Patio.

5. Colorsmart:

Finally, something to keep in mind is staying color-smart. Coordinate all aspects of your patio and flowers. This way it all looks and feel cohesive in order to give you the luxury vibe.

Have fun with this, you are creating your own getaway. After everything is said and done be sure to kick your feet up and relax in the environment your just created.

-Abba Patio

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