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Essentials for a Fall Party

  • , by Feng Liu
  • 3 min reading time

Fall is the perfect time to have that get together you have been putting off. With the leaves changing and the summer heat dying down people are trying to spend the most time outside. Of course when you decide to throw a get together the pressure is on to have a stylish and entertaining party. In this post we will go over the fall essentials for a party.

First off, it's all about the colors, you can do a glam fall look or a sleek modern one as well but there is always a special place for the classic orange rustic look. The rustic look is also the easiest to achieve and stands up in outdoor weather. Old wood tables, or brown table covers are a great start then working off of that. The rustic look is easy because you can walk around your yard and pick up leaves, acorns and twigs to help bring your table display to life. Then add some brown or rustic orange dishware and your table is good to go.

Now part of the table design is what else you put on it, and by that we mean food! Fall is all about the harvest so of course when decorating for a party a bunch of food is always a great look and you can really play with the colors of the delicious dishes. Use squash based foods and serve them in a bowl make out of the squash! Fall decor isn’t typically about anything looking perfect so naked cakes are huge for the rustic style as well. Throw some anise stars and cinnamon sticks on top and the whole look comes together.

It's common knowledge that the sun is starting to go down quicker as autumn progresses so get ready for your parties to get dark quick. Don’t fret though because it's the perfect time to use hanging lights. Lights add to the magical feel of fall and really brighten up an area. You can hang them from trees, outside on the house or in a gazebo. Hanging the lights inside the gazebo makes it feel cozy and stylish. Having a fully enclosed garden gazebo will give your guest added protection when needed but also the ability to still enjoy the outdoors.

You can also place your food table inside to keep away any pests. It adds a nice space for your guests to take a break but still be a party of the activities.

Last but not least is the bonfire! If you are having a fall party then at some point your guests are going to expect a fire to be going on. It’s a cheap way to entertain your guests and add to the feel of the party. Add some smores and it will be the center of the party once the sun starts to go down. The smoke from the fire will also keep away mosquitoes and other party crashers. If you don’t have enough seats for your guests around the fire you can always add some hay bales. They are cheap, biodegradable and fit the fall theme. So really hay bales are a hundred percent win for your party.

Now that you have the fall party essentials put on some jams and enjoy your party! It's sure to be a blast.

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