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Green Houses for the Fall

  • , by Feng Liu
  • 2 min reading time

It’s fall so many people are thinking about harvesting all their garden goodies but some of us don’t want the gardening season to be over. Adding a greenhouse to your garden can really extend your growing season. Depending where you are located it could keep your plants alive all year long or extend your growing season by months. Of course this is completely dependent on your states weather but either way it will help keep them alive longer and enhance their growth.

Keeping your plants alive for a few more months is a huge advantage of having a greenhouse but even during the summer months it is a huge plus for gardeners. Greenhouses keep moisture in the air and plants love that. People who use greenhouses say that their plants grow faster and the quality is higher than if they had them grow out in the open. Plants love humid, hot environments and with a greenhouse they will be in that environment constantly. Some say they can do double the growing and regrowing with the use of a greenhouse. So keep that in mind if you are thinking of getting one. 

On top of that, it keeps your plants safe from pests. It won't do much agents bugs, but other wildlife like birds, squirrels, bunnies and so on won't be able to access your plump veggies while they are protected in the greenhouse. This helps get your greens get as big as they can get without getting eaten by a pest. Having great produce that get nibbled on by rodents really does put a damper on gardening. All your hard work eaten away by some bird is not what you want to happen to your delicious garden goodies.

Another plus to having a greenhouse is that you can create it like your very own small hang out space. Hang some fairy lights and add a seat or two and you can enjoy it at night or during the day. The walls will keep you warm and give you a nice place to enjoy your time. With all the plants it will give the space a very magical feel and if you are ever hungry there is sure to be something to snack on.

Basically having a greenhouse is like making a small plant power house. It keeps them alive and strong, keeping out unwanted pests and even creates a space to show off. What's not to love? Abba Patio has a range of different greenhouses for all your gardening needs. If you are a heavy gardener Abba Patio has up to a 8 X 10 feet greenhouse that will fit all of your plants. If small gardening is something you do Abba also has you covered with down to a 40 X 36 inch Mini greenhouse. Take a look at our selection and get your greenhouse today!







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