The Biggest Tricks In Making Your Own Patio

  • , by Feng Liu
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The Biggest Tricks In Making Your Own Patio

Thinking about making your very own patio? Well you are at the right place! Let's talk!

The first thing to work off of is the environment you have. No need to change everything when you can work with what you have. What kind of plants are in your yard? Where does the sun beat down the most? How big is the space? All these things can be used to your advantage if you plan for it. For the plants you can use them for textures or pops of color depending on the type. You could even use them as a background color while having your furniture be the pops of color. Depending where the sun sits is how to figure out where you can get coverage over your patio and how much. You could get a large patio umbrella or even opt out for a canopy. Again using what you have is the key, so if you have a small space, try to figure out the best way to manage the look or if you have a wide open space figure out how to close it off a bit.


So we started talking about your plants and working off of them. Most garden plants are green so your patio will most likely have to work with that color the most but don’t forget what color your flowers bloom. You can either match the colors or play off of them. This way your space feels connected all the way through and has a magical feel to it. Maybe you don't have flowers and it's just a green feel or maybe you don't have any green in your patio. That's okay, you just have to work off what color the patio is or the side of your house. Pop’s of color will really help class up the area. Maybe a red umbrella or red patio furniture.

In the space it's nice to add some comfort from the indoors. This would include lights so that at night you can still enjoy the outdoors or even adding a fan to keep you cool in the summer heat.

Just make sure that you get your patio to work with the rest of your yard. Either by making a wall between the yard and your patio to create two separate spaces or meshing the styles into similar themes.

Once you get the base down of colors and space the rest is just adding details you want. Do you want a lot of plants? Or maybe you like a lot of decor. Either way you can slowly add things to your new patio until it feels like home!

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