Picking the Perfect Patio Umbrella

The piece de resistance for any patio is always the umbrella. It is usually the largest and most colorful piece of furniture. Maybe you are planning a party or its possible you just need some shade for your patio table. In either situation figuring out which umbrella will best cover your patio can be time consuming.

Whether you need a durable and sturdy table umbrella, or you are looking for something to stand off to the side. Abba Patio can supply you with all your patio needs. Before you randomly go purchase an umbrella there are a few factors that you need to address.

  1. Fabric:

Umbrellas are meant to provide shade from the sun. This means that they will be undergoing a lot of UV and Sun Damage, which causes the fabric to fade. Being outside 24/7 also means that the umbrella will be subjected to mother nature. So, when looking for an umbrella you are going to want a durable fade resistant fabric.

  1. Shape: Market, Cantilever, or Beach 

This all depends on your patio space that you have currently. Market: One of the oldest umbrellas every invented. The octagon shape is perfect for any outdoor small table.

Cantilever: This is an elegant umbrella. Cantilever Umbrellas are for patio settings that don’t have the room for a pole. Cantilever Umbrellas hang at an angle freeing up space around the patio. They are available in shapes such as square, octagon, rectangular and round shapes. 

Beach: Beach Umbrellas are exactly what they sound like. They are great umbrella for days out at the beach. They are lightweight and provide enough shade for one or two chairs alongside the beach or lawns.  They are not as durable or long lasting as the Market or Cantilever.




Abba Patio carries 7 ½, 9, 10, 11ft.  Choosing the perfect height can be daunting. Sometimes it is hard to estimate exactly how tall of a umbrella you would need to perfectly shade the area. Here are a few tips on how to figure out which is the perfect fit.

If you have a table that is:


30-36 Inches= Umbrella should be 6-8 feet

38-48 Inches= Umbrella should be 9-11 feet

54-60 Inches = Umbrella should be 11 feet or taller

The final choice you will have to make is the color. Pick the pop of color that will go with your backyard the best. Make your backyard the centerpiece with your brand-new umbrella.

Abba Patio takes great care in creating the perfect umbrella. Manufacturing umbrellas using only the best quality fabric. A fabric that is UV resistant, durable and can remain vibrant throughout the seasons. Pick your favorite at Abba Patio.

Which Will You Choose?

Market Umbrella- https://www.abbapatio.com/collections/market-umbrellas

Cantilever- https://www.abbapatio.com/collections/cantilever-umbrella

Beach- https://www.abbapatio.com/collections/beach-umbrellas

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