Quick and Easy Fall Decor for Your Patio

  • , by Feng Liu
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Quick and Easy Fall Decor for Your Patio

It’s almost fall, and depending where you are it might already feel like it or you might have a few weeks still. Though there is one thing we can agree on; that we want fall decor and we want it now. So get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and lets get to work.

To start off you need to decide on a color theme. Most will go with orange, red and warm browns, a very classic look. Others like the teal and white modern look. Once that is decided then you go about figuring out what you want on your fall themed patio. It’s best to go through the items you already have and check discount stores for small decor. 

Think about the colors you want. Are they the traditional fall colors? Then maybe some colorful Mums flowers are for you depending on your weather. They look great in wooden barrels, metal tubs and wagens. Mum’s add great energy to your patio and look great in almost any container. If it has gotten too frosty (or it will soon) maybe plan on items that wont die on you. Apparently some flowering cabbage and kale is great for colder weather, they can stand temperatures as low as 5°F and some light snow!! So if you are dead set on having plants in your fall patio then definitely check them out.

Moving onward from living plants! That's right, next we will go over dead plants, better yet we will go over dried plants. You might think it's odd to decorate your outside with plants past their time but once you hear them all named off you will understand. Most outdoor fall decor will have a hay barrel somewhere, and honestly why not? Nothing says fall more than a hay barrel. So get yourself a few of those, set them up or even use them for extra seating. Along with that you can hang dried corn and some corn stocks. Dried corn has all the colors you are looking for and are another classic for fall decor. While corn stocks can also say the same for being a classic they add so much more to your decor. Being tall and taking up a good amount of room helps them be a space filler. Corn stalks are generally a beige color and are great for adding some neutral foliage to your patio.

The most important thing to add are pumpkins and gords! Varying in size and color really help make every space unique and memorable. If you have a different color pallet then the normal fall colors then just pull out the paint and get to work. It might take more time but it will make your patio stand out so much more.

Last thing is getting some cover on your patio! The sun might not be beating down on you anymore but it's nice to block it from your eyes and get protection from the elements. To make your styled patio cozy and inviting add an umbrella or canopy over top. An umbrella will add a bit of life and fashion while a canopy will create a snuggly atmosphere for you and your guests. Abba Patio has a wide variety to help you choose the perfect cover for your patio.

So enjoy setting up your patio for fall, it's going to look amazing!

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