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The Most Popular Offset Patio Umbrella—Ever

  • , by Feng Liu
  • 4 min reading time

Everyone who wants to upgrade their patio this summer considers a patio umbrella. Choosing a new patio umbrella will depend mostly on your patio size and budget. What we’ve found is that our customers like the Offset Cantilever Umbrellas. They come in a variety of colors and offer fade-resistance and water-resistance. Ensuring an all summer long value.

Setting out to do any home and garden décor is a big task. Finding that one single patio addition can make all the difference and get the momentum going for your patio goals. Let’s dive into some of the reason people love our Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrellas.

Why Choose an Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella?

Smart patio choices today mean more patio options tomorrow. By sprucing up your outdoor living space, you can enjoy all the benefits, including sharing the outdoors with family and friends by hosting parties and get-togethers.

With our line of large Offset Cantilever Umbrellas, you can provide proper UV protection to family and friends. Whether it’s on the patio, deck, or backyard, our umbrella is built durable and can work well in any outdoor living space.

Altogether, this type of patio umbrella gives long-lasting stability against the sun and wind so that you can relax and unwind.

High-Quality Umbrella Fabric to Withstand the Summer Sun

It’s summer now, and that means a stronger sun. We all want to enjoy the warmth but also want a sun-safe summer too. Sunglasses won’t do the trick.

When you have plans to set up a birthday party, graduation party or July 4th barbeque celebration, you need a way to keep everyone cool, and protected against too much sun exposure.

Of course, being outdoors makes people feel good. However, a good party outside is a few hours, and a few hours under the sun is enough to get a burn, and or other skin ailments from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

You can still have fun, and especially with a large 11-foot Offset Patio Umbrella. There’s shade for everyone at the outdoor party. The 11-foot canopy diameter can provide shade for a table that fits 6-8 chairs.

The umbrella fabric is made of high-quality to withstand all the outdoor summer elements. It’s waterproof, sun-resistant, and fade resistant. When you choose your color design, it will remain that way for your entire summer bliss.

A Sturdy Patio Umbrella with A Built-in Crank Lifting System

Not only does it add to the patio décor, but these umbrellas also operate with ease.

The Crank Lift system allows you to open and close the umbrella in seconds. Plus, we added to our most popular Offset Cantilever Umbrellas a 5-Position Tilt System. This gives you multiple angles to position the canopy material to shade you throughout the day directly.

This Crank Lift function replaces the older, less smooth mechanism, which at times would stop working or wear out do to overuse. When you operate our Offset Cantilever Umbrella, you’ll notice right away, just how easy it is to use. The aluminum pole, 8-steel rib frame is powder coated to prevent rust, chipping, peeling, and corrosion. Simply put, our umbrella can be used all day, every day.

A well-made patio umbrella operates smoothly, so you can crank it open quickly if it begins to rain, or if the sun gets too hot by mid-day. When the sun's heat starts to climb, a quick crank lift opens the large umbrella canopy in seconds. We accomplished this smooth functionality because our design team strives to make customers worry-free products for summer.

A Large Patio Umbrella is Perfect for Patio Gatherings

Do you have plans for July 4th weekend? Bring the entire family to the patio, invite friends. The patio is the perfect place to plan for a family gathering. Keep the mess outside, enjoy the warmth of summer, and breeze—and large patio umbrella works well for outdoor dinners.  

Whether it’s the 11-foot or 8-foot Offset Cantilever umbrella, they will provide maximum multi-position shade. Plus, this type of Abba Patio umbrella sets up quickly.  

If guests need to cool off, they’ll have room under the shade. You can keep it open to maintain the patio area a few degrees cooler under the sun in preparation for a gathering too.

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