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Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

  • , by Feng Liu
  • 6 min reading time

Summer is arriving, and that means that patio life is on! But be it a patio or just a particular spot outside, here the top five ways to upgrade your outdoor living space and get the best positive return on investment.

Summer is arriving, and that means that patio life is on! But be it a patio or just a particular spot outside, here the top five ways to upgrade your outdoor living space and get the best positive return on investment.

A Beautiful Outdoor Patio Umbrella


With the sun out shining, you'll want to ensure you have proper sun blocking protection from ultraviolet sun rays. A patio umbrella is a perfect choice to accomplish this. When it's family time, drinks with friends, or just hanging around in the backyard with conversations by the pool, you need a real shading solution.

There are different types of patios, decks, and backyards so you will want to determine the amount of outdoor living space you have available. Some patio umbrellas might be 7-feet long while others are even larger at 12-feet long. So make sure to measure your outdoor area.

It's also important to know the different types of patio umbrellas you can purchase for your patio or outdoor space. For example, a Cantilever Umbrella is a great, sturdy option if you cannot fit an umbrella pole at the center of your outdoor seating or table area. There's also the more common Table Umbrellas, Tilting Umbrellas, various Offset Umbrellas (like a Cantilever), Commercial Umbrellas, Solar LED Umbrellas, and the popular Market Umbrellas.

The color choices and fabric options will be endless, therefore once you know the amount of room you have available to work with, you can begin to match the other details to your personal preferences and décor. Also, some patio umbrellas may be the classic round shape, then there are squares, octagons, rectangular shapes too. It really depends on what you think will look best.

A Sun Blocking Grilling Gazebo

You will likely be spending a lot more time outside when it's warm, and that's why we created the perfect grilling gazebo. Be it in the garden, front yard, or patio, it's grilling season!

The benefits of being outside and grilling are enormous. Not only is it fun, but it can also be a healthier alternative to a stone oven cooked meal. And if you plan to be cooking outside more, this means you need proper shade protection. This way, you can be grilling outside with family and friends without the risk of sunburn or too much exposure to ultraviolet sun rays.

Also, a durable outdoor gazebo will be excellent for commercial or recreational use and provide the most value. Plus, it will be secure and safe for others to use too.  

Beyond that, some gazebos, like ours, includes hooks and places to keep your cooking and food while preparing your outdoor meal. Once you get comfortable with the gazebo you choose, the enjoyment of being outside can be for hours at a time.  

A Sturdy Hammock for the Ultimate Relaxation  

When was your last hammock nap?

Your life is just not complete without a real hammock. The good news is that hammocks come in all shapes and sizes.  So, your backyard space, no matter the size, will likely have room for one.

The truth is, your outdoor living area should be a place you can go to and relax. The ability to sit back, lay back, or fall asleep amidst nature, is the ultimate way to relax. With a hammock, you can do all that, and depending on your outdoor space, it can fit you and your loved one together.

It's also essential to ensure you choose a hammock made from quality material. Especially since you plan to use it outside and possibly frequently. For example, our Abba Patio hammocks are designed for summer use and can handle the intense sun and rain, while some of our other options even come with a protective mosquito net.

Whichever hammock you choose to compliment your outdoor life, be sure it's designed for regular use, can handle both adult weight and made durable so you can enjoy a level of relaxation throughout the summer.

A Big Event Canopy for Outdoor Parties

There is no better wallpaper than nature itself! By bringing the party outside on the patio, on the deck, or on the front lawn, it takes your view to the next level. Enjoy the breeze and sun protection with a robust and rust-resistant pop-up canopy.

If you have a color preference, the good news is you can match the color of your outdoor canopy (like a gazebo) to the aesthetic you need to match to your outside living area. When you have a graduation party, birthday party, or sporting event, a 10-foot portable canopy can be a perfect fit for everyone.

Let's say you have a picnic planned for a family reunion; fit a travel-friendly pop-up canopy right inside your car! In fact, this is an important feature we made sure to design for some of our products. We want to be your number one destination for the outdoor patio furnishings. So, take the party to wherever you need to go, and a pop-up canopy will keep you protected from ultraviolet sun rays and sun showers.

A Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

Everyone who has experienced time in a greenhouse can attest to the health and sense of calmness that they bring. But did you know you don't have to visit a nature center to see one? That's right. We made it easy and affordable for you to have one in your own backyard.

Many people are beginning to realize that setting up a greenhouse canopy in their backyard can totally change the look and feel of their outdoor space. Your life will get greener and more beautiful with a real greenhouse a few feet away.

Abba Patio mini walk-in greenhouse does the trick and is an excellent way to bring a garden detox station right into your backyard oasis. After a while, yours can become a work of art.  To do this, you will need your greenhouse to be made from high-quality material so it can withstand most weather conditions. Also, before you start growing your greenhouse garden, you may decide to reposition it depending on your available outdoor spaces. So, make sure you find one that comes with easy-to-read instructions for quick and easy setup.


Finally, you have style, and your outdoor living spaces should have some too. That's why our design team focuses on modern, clean, and contemporary styles with you in mind. Especially during the warmer seasons, these light, easy, and durable upgrades we discussed will be a perfect way to enhance your outside spaces.

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