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Making a good outdoor space into a great outdoor living space. That's the magic a unique furniture piece addition can do for your patio.

With summer here, Father's Day, and July 4th weekend around the corner, it's the perfect time to update or redesign your outdoor living area. Just as you'd want your living room to be comfortable and inviting, the same is true for most people and their outdoor "living room." Complete with places to sit, eat, and or cook. Depending on your budget and available space, you may only have room for a few pieces of furniture.

The good news is that you only need 1-3 pieces to transform your patio completely. We selected the top three ideas for you to consider for your patio.

A Water-resistant, Fade-resistant, Patio Umbrella for Shade

Everyone wants a beautiful and large patio umbrella for shade, but they're not all made the same. You should consider the type, size, and construction before buying one for your outdoor area.

There are four styles, generally, of outdoor patio umbrellas, a tabletop, freestanding, cantilever, and shade cloths. But more important than the form is the design of the material. And we're not just talking about matching the coloring to your outdoor furniture.

Many patio umbrellas are not made with high-quality fabrics and fade quickly. Abba Patio umbrellas used carefully designed materials to bring long-lasting value. When you purchase a patio umbrella from us, whether it's a market or cantilever type, they're built with durable frames, fade-resistant fabric, and waterproof.

With the intense sun beating down on patios and decks, shade is an essential element for any planned outdoor living area. So, choose an umbrella with high-quality material and your patio transformation will last.

Then there's the added benefit of UV protection too. What better way to enjoy that patio life? Typically, umbrella shade material is made from polyester, so it provides some UV protection. Still, research patio umbrellas to make sure you won't get any overexposure to UV rays by sitting under them.

A Large, Breathable Gazebo for Parties

If you never owned a gazebo before, then your missing out. A canopy structure like a gazebo is an excellent solution for an outdoor party and patio cooking area. Depending on your patio size, it may accommodate a large or small gazebo; luckily, Abba Patio offers several size options to choose.

There are a few gazebo styles available, such as a soft top or hard top canvas. The most crucial detail will be the size, and color preference, of course. With a powered-coated, steel frame and rust resistant structure, your gazebo will protect you for hours. Perfect for barbeques on the patio.

For example, our 9 x 5-foot outdoor gazebo is ideal for any backyard party. It's made of steel; designed to endure and protect for seasons to come. A grilling gazebo will help keep your outdoor cooking area neat, and keep you fresh too when you're grilling in the hot summer sun. Thanks to its large size, it provides broader shade protection too. You'll be able to enjoy the breeze, with plenty of room, and be worry free from UV sun rays.

Other canopies may be made primarily of a heavy-duty polyester cover. This protects against color fading and makes it easy to clean with 98% UV protection. When you choose large gazebo built durable for weather resistance, you can plan for many outdoor dinners, parties, and all-out summer relaxation.

A Comfortable, Durable Outdoor Hammock to Relax

Did you know that National Hammock Day is on July 22nd? Yes, people love hammocks so much, the invention even has a holiday.

It's a day to celebrate by relaxing and swing amidst the summer warmth. It's one of the best furniture pieces to add to your backyard or any outdoor living space. Another good reason a single hammock would make a great addition to your patio is that it can be cheaper than buying multiple pieces of furniture. Enjoying the outdoors means you should be able to relax, and with a solid outdoor hammock, you can swing all summer long.

One thing is for sure; everyone is about that hammock life. Not just on July 22nd. Plus, some hammocks can fit up to three people. Like our three-seat hammock is not only comfortable but spacious and includes two foldable side tables. Sit outside, relax, and enjoy a drink.

What Our Customers Have Been Telling Us

We have learned from our customers that what they really want is an "outdoor room." They want to decorate it and find ways to creatively maintain it with durable furniture, outdoor amenities that are weather-proofed. Similar to the way we want our indoor living rooms to look beautiful and last a long time.

It is our goal to be your one-stop shop to fulfilling that creative drive; to create the outdoor living space you want. We have everything you need to create that outdoor "room" in a variety of colors, fade-resistant fabrics, and at friendly prices. So, go ahead and transform your patio and let it become an extension of your house and yourself.

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