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Why People Love to Sit Outside in Hammocks

  • , by Feng Liu
  • 4 min reading time

Buy a hammock and let nature control you. But avoid some of the failures of purchasing the wrong type of hammock for your porch or patio area.

If you’re not familiar with hammocks, it’s one of the best furniture pieces to add your backyard or any outdoor living space. When you finally sit in one, slightly levitated off the ground, in a reclined position, as you do in a hammock swing, you can peacefully take in the scenery, listen, smell, and most importantly rest.

A Brief History About Hammocks

It’s one of those inventions that, kind of, changed the world. Originally found several hundred years ago in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. It was a way to sleep safely, off the ground, and away from snakes and critters. As you may have already guessed, in the warmer climates with open-aired huts, many would string a hammock bed from two beams, and enjoy the breeze when it came.

The origin of the word “hammock” is from the Spanish word “hamaca” which referred to the fishing net that people used on long fishing trips. They’d use this net to be a bed at night. It's reported that when Christopher Columbus returned from Spain, he brought with him hundreds of hammocks. Which makes total sense, because he surely knew that back at home folks had no idea what they were missing out on.

When people go camping or exploring, there’s no need to sleep on the ground if you have a hammock! Plus, they’re usually lightweight and easy to carry. But the most significant benefit hammocks bring is comfort.

Why People Love Hammocks

Truth is cats and dogs love hammocks too. You could find a lot of pictures of pets in hammocks. They even make specially designed hammocks just for pets!

Though many hammock lovers use them on camping trips, it’s become a favorite furniture piece to add to the patio, porch, or backyard. It’s a great addition to bring to your outdoor living space because you can lay for hours and relax. After you get up, you don’t get back pain as one would typically experience from laying in bed. This is because it relieves the body of pressure points.

Another reason people love hammocks is that they give you a reason to be in a lazy position, and outside. We all need to be out more. Having a good outdoor hammock will help bring your family and friends outside. Especially our three-person hammock.

Just being suspended in the air is a great feeling of relaxation that people enjoy too. But there are also some substantial health benefits that hammocks bring. For starters, just knowing that laying in a hammock is going to bring health benefits is already a plus.

Some studies say that napping in a hammock is one of the most mentioned happy summer activities. This is because of the gentle rocking motion (like swinging) make people relax and fall asleep faster. In some cases, falling asleep in a hammock means a deeper sleep, which could be great for those who don’t sleep well. So, whether it’s a quick nap, two hours of reading, or going to sleep, a hammock is an excellent choice with multiple benefits.

Also, if you get a porch swing hammock for your backyard or patio areas, it can relieve stress. By merely having one set up on the patio, it calls to you. It is allowing you to remember to take a short break and relax. Often when one sits in a hammock, they get to look at the sky, enjoy the view and breath deeper. Buy a big enough hammock, and you can even snuggle up with those you care about.

Make Sure to Get the Best Hammock for Your Patio Setting

Today, there are different types of hammocks. There’s sleeping hammocks, camping hammocks, some that you tie up against two trees, and others that swing on a sturdy base. You can find hammocks all over the world, and in residential and commercial residences. But know to get one that will last after many uses.

When shopping for a sturdy, outdoor-friendly hammock make sure it will fit into your patio or backyard area. It’s a fun outdoor furniture piece that will lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. Functional and sturdy, waterproof material for outdoor use is essential and practical weight support for large adults.

Most importantly, get a hammock so you can turn your outdoor space into a tropical haven.

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