Shade Stories: Why Are Our Umbrellas Named After European Cities?

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Shade Stories: Why Are Our Umbrellas Named After European Cities?

Abba Patio's European Odyssey: Unveiling the Inspirations Behind Our Patio Umbrellas

Welcome to Abba Patio, where every shade tells a story. As you step into our world of outdoor elegance, you'll notice something unique about our umbrella series - they're named after enchanting European cities. From the bustling streets of Lyon to the charming lanes of Malta, each name holds a piece of history and a touch of inspiration.

Let's take a journey through the cobblestone streets and sun-drenched plazas of Europe as we explore the stories behind our uniquely named umbrellas.

Market Umbrella: Tradition Meets Modernity


The market umbrella is a palette of sunshine, a classic splash of color on the patio and a desirable shade in the street café. It has a large umbrella canopy that resembles a soft canvas and can create a cool shelter for you on hot summer days. The market umbrella is characterized by its simple elegance and classic design with a warm and intimate atmosphere. Its iron pole supports the umbrella cloth as if it were an elegant gentleman, providing you with stable and reliable protection.


Lyon: Paying Tribute to French Tradition


Lyon, this charming and historic French city, serves as the inspiration for our market umbrella series. Renowned for its unique French culture and rich gastronomy, Lyon is a city steeped in history. Picture strolling through Lyon's ancient streets, meandering through cobblestone alleys and historic buildings, the markets here are vibrant, filled with a plethora of goods and a relaxed ambiance. We chose to name our market umbrellas after Lyon to pay homage to this city's rich culture. These umbrellas weave together classic elements with modern innovation, offering a sanctuary of shade and style for your outdoor oasis.


Oslo: Inspiring Nordic Elegance for Outdoor Living


In contrast, Oslo, the capital of Norway, represents the fresh and modern atmosphere of Scandinavia. Renowned for its unique Nordic design and beautiful natural landscapes, it is the perfect blend of art and nature. In Oslo, one can wander through forests, experiencing the freshness and tranquility of the planet. That's why we decided to name our market umbrellas with the after “Oslo”, expressing our admiration for the city's purity and natural beauty. This collection uses the most traditional opening and closing system while providing safe and secure shade, infusing outdoor spaces with a Nordic freshness and natural ambiance.


Cantilever Umbrella: A Symphony of Sophistication & Style


Cantilever umbrellas are sunny works of art that showcase advanced engineering and modern fashion style. Unlike traditional market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas utilize a unique support structure that allows the umbrella fabric to hang on one side, providing you with more space and flexibility for shade. The cantilever umbrella is characterized by its lightness and flexibility, it is able to rotate 360 degrees and adjust the angle with the movement of the sun, providing you with an all-around shade experience. It has a sleek and chic look, like a work of art, and can add a modern and tasteful touch to your outdoor space. Under the cantilever umbrella, you can feel the perfect combination of technology and art, as if you are in a fashionable and avant-garde world, enjoying the infinite possibilities of life.


Vienna: Symphony of Style 


Vienna, the imperial capital of Austria, where baroque architecture meets cosmopolitan flair. Just like the city's grand palaces and opulent concert halls, our Vienna series of cantilever umbrellas exudes an air of elegance and refinement. With sleek lines and luxurious fabrics, these umbrellas come with 6-level tilt system in addition to supporting 360 rotation, they're the epitome of sophistication, offering shade with a side of style.


Malta: Mediterranean Magic


Setting sail for the sun-soaked shores of Malta, a Mediterranean gem steeped in history and surrounded by azure waters. Our Malta series of cantilever umbrellas captures the laid-back luxury of island living, with vibrant colors and breezy designs that evoke the spirit of summer all year round. Whether you're sipping cocktails by the pool or lounging on the beach, these umbrellas are your ticket to paradise.


Valencia: Vibrant Vibes


Now, cast your eyes on Valencia, the vibrant coastal city on Spain's eastern coast, where is known for vibrant energy and colorful charm. Like the city itself, our Valencia umbrellas exude elegance and sophistication with their minimalist design, crisp contoured lines and modern aesthetic. We have eliminated the crank mechanism, simplifying handling and adding to the modern appeal of the collection. Similar to Valencia, we never stick to traditional designs.


Maza: Hidden Gem


Last but not least, let’s pay attention to Maza, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Europe. With its cobblestone streets and charming cafes, this quaint town is a haven for seekers of serenity and simplicity. Our Maza series of cantilever umbrellas embodies this rustic elegance, with earthy tones and understated designs that blend seamlessly into any natural setting. Featuring a sleek one-push operation and a stunning silhouette, these umbrellas are perfect companions for those who prefer quiet moments of contemplation amidst nature's beauty.


Experience European Elegance with Abba Patio

At Abba Patio, we understand that every outdoor space tells a story – and our patio umbrella series are no exception, they offer more than just protection from the elements – they're a reflection of your personal style and a tribute to the timeless beauty of Europe. Whether you're drawn to the timeless allure of Lyon or the contemporary charm of Oslo, dreaming of Vienna's grandeur, Malta's magic, Valencia's vibrancy, or Maza's tranquility, our umbrellas are here to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights. 

So, why settle for ordinary shade when you can indulge in the luxury of European elegance? Join us at Abba Patio as we continue to explore the world of outdoor living.


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